Start of new service Overseas Special Economic Zones, where new companies are not allowed, enable further cost reductions! Packages for key manufacturing and transportation processes in overseas special economic zones

Tax incentives / Factory leased from us / Staff dispatched by our company / Not subject to U.S.-China sanctions and tariffs

We provide factories, manufacturing personnel, means of transportation, and each process in tax benefits areas!
We will solve your cost problems with services that other companies cannot offer.

Continued soaring manufacturing costs

The Clark Special Economic Zone in the Philippines is an attractive place to reduce costs due to its low labor costs and preferential tax treatment by the local government. This service enables companies to receive the same tax benefits as those that have already entered the Special Economic Zone, without the need for complicated registration procedures. This service enables the early launch of overseas manufacturing operations without initial investment.

Cost (reference) Cost reduction is always possible!
Any kind of automotive-related business are possible.
We can also provide services of overseas manufacturing transfer, enhancement, cost review, etc.

Clark, the largest special economic zone in the Philippines

Since the Philippines does not have enough domestic capital, the government is actively attracting foreign investment, and based on the Special Economic Zone Act, various administrative deregulations such as tax incentives are permitted.
As mentioned above, the Clark Special Economic Zone is currently a special zone in which new companies are restricted and not allowed to enter, but in fact, it is possible to indirectly benefit from tax exemption without registration and other procedures by "using the factory" of a government-approved company. This method is not well known, and some companies have given up on Clark's location, saying that they cannot enter the market. The new service we are provding is a new cost-saving service that only we can offer, made possible by our many years of activities and connections.

What is currently not possible due to regulations

Tax incentives, location, and low labor costs

Local companies that have been granted preferential tax treatment will be in charge of customs duties in the Philippines.

In addition, while labor costs continue to rise in Asian countries, they are still low in the Philippines, and the funds from the reduced labor costs can be used for other purposes, making it easier to receive loans for new businesses and projects. It is a service that can open up the future of your company.

Basic monthly salary comparison (2021)

We will find a factory facility that meets your needs and secure a working space.

We will dispatch local staff according to your request.

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In addition to the factory rent, utility costs, personnel costs, transportation and personnel management costs will be charged.
* A percentage of labor cost will be charged depending on the production volume.
* Please contact us for details as the cost varies depending on the production volume.


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