We have started 『For your whole store, Sterilization / Anti-bacterial / Deodorization』

These days we feel the oncoming of spring, however we should keep paying attention to infection controls in our daily life.  The owner of a store must make an effort to protect the safety of employees and customers. Then, how about trying our service as part of the Anti-COVID-19 measures?  

Now, we provide the special price of PHP9980(excluding tax)<1 set for 1 floor>, while the normal price is PHP30000(excluding tax). 

Bacteria and viruses around us are decomposed by the power of “Room Act” & “Ozone Deodorization”. Anti-bacterial effect lasts 1 year.
Room Act・・・Sterilization / Anti-bacterial / Deodorization of walls and tables with
photocatalytic coating. Evidence acquired against COVID-19【19JAN2021】
<Effectiveness in activating virus and preventing contact infection has been confirmed.> 
Ozone Deodorization・・・Oxidative decomposition of odors and mildew components floating in the air

Please see below for the further information ↓